Car Seat Safety


4 out of 5 children are improperly fitted in their car seats!  WE CAN HELP!!

*Not sure what type of car seat your child should be in?

*Not sure if your child's seat is installed correctly?

*Not sure how to install your child's car seat?



Ryan is a Nationally Certified Passenger Safety Seat Technician, and is able to instruct you on how to properly select and install your child's car seat.  

Selecting a Car Seat

  • Infants- Children from birth to 12 months
    • ​Always ride in rear facing car seat
    • Always ride in the back seat
    • Must be in a size-appropriate infant or convertible seat
  • Toddlers- Children age 1 to 3 years old
    • ​Always ride in the backseat
    • Should ride in a rear facing car seat FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE until the reach the top height or weight limit allowed.  (AT LEAST 2 YEARS OLD)
  • Young Kids- Children age 4 to 7 years old
    • ​Always ride in the back seat
    • Always ride in a forward facing car seat until the reach the top height and weight limit allowed by seat manufacturer
    • Can ride in a booster once they outgrow forward facing car seat with a harness
  • Older Kids- Children age 8 to 12 years old
    • ​Always ride in the back seat
    • May still need a booster seat
    • Wears the shoulder belt on the hips, not the stomach
    • Wears the shoulder belt on the shoulder, not across the neck




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